• What is MMA and how did it come into existence?

    “Survival of the fittest”- Charles Darwin

    Ever since the dawn of human civilization we as beings  have witness countless battles for superiority. Battles have been waged between nations, wars between empires and  a few of these battles have actually gone on to shape the world that we live in today. All in the name of determining who is the strongest and the mightiest in the world.

    We don’t see battle in the same form as we did in earlier centuries however lets not fool ourselves, even in the modern world, competition and the tenacity to win determines our everyday life, for e.g. between multinational corporations to determine the strongest enterprise and between scientists to determine the most talented.

    This innate human curiosity to test ones physical metal against others remains the most exciting prospect to most people. This has given way to a number of combat sports and martial arts that we commonly see today.

    We have seen over the years, sports like Boxing, Kick Boxing (Muay Thai), Karate, Taekwondo and Judo become popular amongst the general masses and being practised in schools and college all around the world.  These are, what you would call, ‘striking’ based martial arts and should be clearly differentiated from ‘grappling’ based fighting techniques like Jiu Jitsu and Wrestling. Imagine what would happen if Mike Tyson went in a ring against Bruce Lee, both in their prime….

    Despite all these different martial arts being in existence, for a very long time we did not know  which form of the martial art was the best and the most efficient. For e.g. no one knew what would happen if the best fighters, from different disciplines like say Judo and Boxing, faced off against each other.

    This curiosity gave way to a brand new sport, what is now known as mixed martial arts (MMA). In the initial years MMA pitted athletes from different disciplines against each other in an elimination type tournament to determine the best fighter in the world.

    Over the years mixed martial artists evolved and now to be a competitive MMA athlete one can no longer stay confined to just one martial art. The modern day martial artists have mastered a number of different martial arts to help them reach their pinnacle of their physical being  both physically as well as mentally.


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