• What’s your Game… The right martial art for you

    ‘No matter who you are or what you do, take it from us, you can train and excel in mixed martial arts….’

    The only question to be asked now is which martial art is right for you.

    Long gone are the days when a martial artist was the stereotypical adrenalin junkie who only stepped into the cage/ring to satisfy his need for violence and to establish his dominance and his machismo.

    Thankfully today the outlook has changed drastically and everybody from housewives, to kids, to the elderly train, on a daily basis, in mixed martial arts to better themselves physically while bringing peace and tranquillity to their inner self (more on this in the upcoming blogs).

    However because there are so many different martial arts around its often easy for someone who has no prior experience in martial arts to be discouraged.  To us this should not be a reason for one to turn their back on an opportunity to learn an ancient and often considered sacred form of combat that has helped several people in several different ways.

    We in India are fortunate as a number of retired Olympic boxers that represented the nation in the Asian games, in commonwealth games etc and are now actively training in camps all over the country. Under their due tutelage many young pugilists have won medals for the country in the recent games. There are only a few, non professional boxing, men and women who have been benefitting from these world class boxing trainers. There is no reason why people in Delhi and Gurgaon for example could not benefit from these world class trainers to get into top notch shape.

    A handful of schools like the Doon School train its students in sports like Boxing and even though most of the students move into successful careers elsewhere, the art and science that they learnt from the sport are used by them in varied fields of life.


    Thai Boxing/ Kick boxing/ Muay Thai is another popular martial art that one could benefit from. As the name implies Thai Boxing originated in Thailand and has since been adapted in the Far East and is today growing like wildfire in Europe and the Americas. It’s a beautiful martial art that uses the basic boxing principles accompanied by the science of kicks. What makes Muay Thai a great workout is the simple fact that delivering a kick requires a lot more energy than throwing a punch.  Furthermore one gets to utilize a lot more physical tools when training in Muay Thai which makes it at par if not a better overall workout than Boxing.


    Karate is perhaps the most widely taught martial art in our schools today and is probably the least practised when we grow up. It’s a great martial art that not only teaches us self defence but also trains its pupils to control one’s our mind, a quality used by its practitioners even years after stopping training in Karate.

    If punching and kicking is not your cup of tea then we have just the martial art for you. Welcome to the world of Jiu Jitsu. For all of you that have never heard about this martial art before, then we have got a treat for you. Started in Brazil by the Gracie family, Jiu Jitsu is the art of grappling and ground fighting where you control your adversary without throwing a single punch or a kick. Almost like a game of chess you use leverage and mind to beat your opponent for any mistake that he/she makes. ‘If Gandhi ever did Martial Arts, he would do Jiu Jitsu.’


    Also a number of other martial arts for you to learn are Olympic type Greco Roman wrestling, Judo and Kali.

    So no matter who you are or what you do, there is a martial art that is tailor made for you.

    Before we tell you the right places to train in Boxing, Kick Boxing and MMA in and around Delhi, Mumbai, Gurgaon and the rest of India, you need to decide…

    What’s your Game….

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