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    Are you bored with the traditional training that requires you to figure out how much weight to lift, how many miles to run on a treadmill, or if you are doing an exercise that will help you lose weight or bulk you up?

    Well, that’s where MMA training  comes in handy. It’s a workout where you can have tons of fun PLUS add learn lifelong skills PLUS get fit at the same time.

    MMA Strength & Conditioning isn’t just for the UFC fighter or Mixed Martial Artist! It is for anyone who wants to get in shape in a non-traditional manner and to see what its like to train like a Mixed Martial Artist.

    You’ve seen them on TV – you’ve seen them on the news – MMA (boxing, kick boxing, wrestling) Fighters are in tip-top shape. And they are in all around shape! They don’t just focus on one thing – they focus on EVERYTHING.

    Strength and conditioning is an essential part of MMA (boxing, kick boxing, Muay thai, BJJ) training for a plethora of reasons. First we need to understand primal human movements.

    The 7 Primal Movements of a human are:

    1. Pushing
    2. Pulling
    3. Squatting
    4. Lunging
    5. Twisting
    6. Bending
    7. Walking

    Strength training

    Strength training

    Each movement is the focus on building the muscle groups, flexibility, and coordination to do all 7 of the above primal movements! And MMA fighters need to always improve all of these movements in a mixed martial arts fight.

    That being said – MMA Strength & Conditioning will work the major muscle groups, which in turn makes you stronger, more flexible, and coordinated, plus help you lose weight due to this all body workout.

    And that’s what MMA Strength & Conditioning is all about.

    A full body workout!

    MMA Strength and Conditioning Coach: Deepak

    MMA Strength and Conditioning Coach: Deepak

    At Crosstrain Fight Club we have arguably the best strength and conditioning coach in the country. In India strength coaches don’t usually have the background and experience that Deepak has. Not only is he a certified Crossfit Instructor, he also comes from a strong boxing and Muay Thai (kick boxing background) which gives him the knowledge and understanding of what a boxing, kick boxer of an MMA athlete should train like. His workouts are fun and challenging and are scheduled every Sunday. Please keep checking our calendar for the timings.

    Deepak training with the Asian Champion in Thailand

    Deepak training with the Asian Champion in Thailand

    We hope to see you every Sunday for an hour for Crosstrain‘s revolutionary strength and conditioning session. Irrespective of your goal, you will benefit from this session. Call 8826914097 or email info@crosstrain.in

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    hello sir
    i have done my grauation from delhiunversity.now i have plan to some course related to strength and conditioning course.what is the procedure to take admission???


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