• Should kids learn Martial Arts?

    Crosstrain Fight club is a new and revolutionary club in New Delhi which has been challenging the way traditional as well as contemporary martial arts are both perceived and taught in India.


    Crosstrain training facility in New Delhi

    Crosstrain training facility in New Delhi

    The newest project undertaken by Crosstrain is kids training in traditional martial arts (Taekwondo).

    Reason for this undertaking was the overriding list of benefits that children could gain from martial arts training; physical, mental and social attributes, all of which are improved in kids while training in martial arts.

    PHYSICAL FITNESS – The benefits of fitness are well-documented. Being physically active leads to having fewer chronic health problems. Our classes are designed to exercise all joints and muscle groups the right way. Regular training cause incremental improvements in physical fitness and mental  health.

    PERSONAL SECURITY – The ability to have increased awareness and presence deters violence and the ability to defend ourselves allows peace of mind.

    LEARNING ABILITY – Learning to figure out and execute the complex techniques of Taekwondo/Martial Arts requires extreme focus. Students grasp to concentrate under pressure ensuring correct and flawless execution. Often students will find this focus is applicable to academics as well.

    GOAL SETTING – The requirements for each belt level are defined in detail and represent incremental improvement in Taekwondo. Successive ranks require more comprehensive knowledge and represent newer challenges to overcome. Through proper and articulate training students take on new learning’s with relative ease. Learning to tackle complex and comprehensive bodies of knowledge by tactfully breaking them into smaller portions is a skill that is developed while training which may help outside Taekwondo as well whether it is academic or in life.

    DISCIPLINE –  The regimented nature of martial art creates and develops a sense of self-discipline in students.  Achieving a legitimate black belt is not possible overnight, it teaches students to focus on and appreciate the patience, hard work and dedication it would take to achieve a black belt. Also, in essence a black belt means maturity.

    SELF ESTEEM – Overcoming the different challenges at every stage in Taekwondo/ MARTIAL ARTS creates a sense of  pride and confidence and capability to embrace life’s challenges with a healthy self-esteem.

    RESPECT – This is as essential to Taekwondo as breath is to life and is a core facet of the culture from which many martial arts have originated.  Showing respect to everyone a student interacts with from the beginning to the end of the session is paramount and is ingrained in a healthy way in every student however, respect and courtesy is expected from a student while they interact with others even when not in class. In life as in martial arts a student learns to have the same values and respect for others.

    Respect your elder, your peers your juniors

    Respect your elder, your peers, your juniors

    We build champions and just not in the ring!

    To join the revolution please either email info@crosstrain.in or call 8826914097.

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