• Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) can do to her body, what a Kajal can do for her eyes…

    This is the first article that we have written specifically for Indian women living in metros like Delhi, Gurgaon and Mumbai.

    The inspiration for this article stems from the fact that a couple of us were in Gurgaon last month in a nice residential gym and during the peak hours, there were more women training than men. And this is not a one off isolated incident. More and more women are taking to training with as much intensity if not more than their male counterparts.

    Hilary Swank training for boxing in 'Million Dollar Baby'

    Gone are the days when working out and training was only considered apt for men. Nowadays, women all over the world have risen to the wake of fit and healthy body. For this purpose they indulge themselves in various activities like gymming, cycling, walking, jogging, dancing or various kinds of sports.

    Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) is one such combat sport which has now caught the attention of the fairer sex. As a matter of fact, with more and more awareness the myth that MMA or mixed martial arts being a men’s only sport has been all but vanished.

    Women in Mumbai and Delhi have been signing up to MMA classes like they pick up sandals when Shopperstop offers a 50% discount.

    This sport has gained popularity all over the world amongst both men and women for its intriguing use of combination of a variety of other sports like Kickboxing, Muay Thai, Boxing, Karate, Judo, Jiu Jitsu and wrestling.

    Sania Mirza used boxing to shed pounds and get in shape

    The reason why MMA is spreading like wild fire amongst women is because of a) the desire for every woman to look beautiful and have a great body and b) the fast paced, on the go, life. Women are increasingly not willing to spend 3 hours in the gym daily. This high intensity MMA work out (40 mins) burns more calories than a two hour weights session and also boosts the metabolism rate.

    Furthermore MMA gives women a nice break from the monotonous exercise regime and gives them a chance to learn martial arts while also increasing self defense skills, boosting self esteem while fast forwarding onto a dream physique within no time.

    Former MMA Champion Gina Carano

    What are the benefits involved for women practicing Mixed Martial Arts?

    • High weight loss in less time
    • Increased self defense
    • Using techniques of workout used by top Hollywood actresses
    • Increased core strength (stomach and back)
    • Abdominal strength
    • Increasing flexibility
    • Improved and a more healthy diet
    • More focus in and outside the training centre
    • Mental health
    • Achieving spirituality
    • Increased positivity and optimism in the company of likeminded people
    • All in all bringing more happiness and peace of mind


    Sienna Miller uses MMA and boxing to get into shape

    The techniques used in Mixed Martial Arts for women are Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (submission fighting), Muay Thai kickboxing, wrestling, boxing, grappling etc.

    Choose the style which you feel most comfortable with and away you go…

    Mixed Martial Arts is being used by most Hollywood actresses and it’s the future sport for women in India.

    Take our word for it- What Kajal does to your eyes, MMA will do for your looks…. Enhance it- Ten fold…

    To find out places to train in your city, watch this space…

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    Hey what about ppl who cannot afford such huge fee. U all charge fucking huge fee. Out of my range.


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