• Mixed Martial Art #4 Boxing- Why you need it? (Hint: MMA Delhi:)

    Boxing, also called pugilism, is a combat sport in which two people fight each other using their fists for competition. The birth hour of boxing as a sport may be its acceptance by the ancient Greeks as an Olympic game as early as 688 BC. Modern boxing evolved in Europe, particularly Great Britain.

    No matter how many eggs you eat.. Boxing gives you the real skill to defend yourself…

    Boxing is a sport in itself however it plays a crucial role in the new sport of mixed martial arts. This is further enforced with the fact that a number of mixed martial artists come from a boxing background. The famous phrase “every fight starts on the feet” is one that denotes the importance of have a boxing pedigree in one’s arsenal.

    The impact of boxing in mixed martial arts in further enhanced by the use of 4 ounce gloves which many argue offers less protection to the recipient of a punch as compared to the 14-16 ounce gloves used by heavier weight boxers in a boxing bout.

    Why is boxing important in mixed martial arts (MMA), the same reason why butter is important in a sandwich. It offers the flavour and colour that perhaps other martial arts lack. For eg. A vast majority of the casual fighters/fans prefer to see a ‘knock out’ as compared to perhaps a wrestling ground and pound or a Jiu Jitsu heel hook. Further enhanced by the fact that the gloves used in MMA are 4 oz (less cushion for the person getting punched), knock outs are more common in MMA than in boxing.

    Knock Out

    India has seen a flurry of boxers over the last couple of decades. Our boxers have been consistently doing well in the Asian championships, the commonwealth games etc. However since there is no profession boxing in India a lot of these boxers take to coaching which helps us casual boxers and mixed martial artists where we can benefit from their services and training.

    How can boxing help you if you live in Delhi or Gurgaon? Well, we don’t promote violence however the rampant street fights that drivers in Delhi and Gurgaon are faced with is no secret to anyone. Also there is no denying that having some boxing skills in your pedigree will do no harm. Worst case scenario if some loser throws a lose right hand, you can parry or duck or block the shot and let him know you are more adept than he takes you for.

    Add on top of the great boxing training add the ‘boxing diet’ and you will soon like the best physical version of yourself.

    Boxing can be used for self defence

    Boxing is a fascinating art and something that people in Mumbai, Kolkata and the rest of India must learn but its an art that people in Delhi and Gurgaon who must embrace, not only for looking and feeling good but for also countering road rage.


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    Fighting is not an important this important is fighters. Justt likee body is not important important is brain. A WINNER IS NEVER QUIT


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