• How Exercising Helps Mind As Much As Body….

    There is not a single day when you don’t hear the importance and benefits of exercising regularly. Almost all the magazines and online articles are filled up with various exercise routines to keep your body fit and healthy. What most people miss out on is that exercising works wonders for one’s mind, which in today’s world would be as important as working one’s body, if not more.

    You can achieve great levels of inner poise and calm through physical exercise. It’s a myth that only yoga can grant you a state of mental peace. If you opt for MMA i.e. Mixed Martial Arts (Boxing, Kick Boxing, Jiu Jitsu, Muay Thai) you will soon realize that you will achieve not only a great physique but also a high level of spirituality. Finding it hard to believe? Read on to find some of the benefits attached with the practice of MMA.

    Peace through Martial arts

    But first let me give you a brief about this rapidly becoming one of the most popular types of sports amongst people all round the world. This sport adapts a mixture and combination of various combat fighting techniques like Jju Jitsu, Kickboxing, Karate, Judo, Wrestling etc. Even though people find it more thrilling to enjoy the adrenaline charged MMA matches, many are adapting in their regular fitness regime.

    MMA training is now offered in most gyms around the world

    This form teaches you to have a fit body as well as fit mind. As a matter of fact various Christian churches have started MMA classes for their youth organizations to attain spirituality. Here are some of the benefits that you gain by practicing the MMA sports form

    • Regular training gives strengthening to muscles along with toning
    • Great flexibility of the body
    • Huge weight loss
    • Full cardio work out
    • Improved stamina and strength
    • Improved hand eye coordination
    • Body gets into a healthy diet and exercise routine

    MMA gets you a fit mind and a fit body…. And it shows…..

    What it teaches you?

    • A great art form of self defense
    • Teaches you how to control your anger and manage it
    • How to restrain yourself and enhance self control
    • Enhances self confidence
    • Builds character
    • Inculcates discipline
    • Makes one more responsible for their own actions
    • Makes one get in touch with Spirituality
    • Teaches you to be a leader outside of the ring

    All this ultimately leads to making one a much better person both physically, mentally and spiritually. This gives you an insight into a healthy mindset of a person who is practicing Mixed Martial Arts.

    Many gyms in India (Delhi, Mumbai, Gurgaon) today are incorporating this style of exercising. You can easily enroll yourself into MMA classes for a great body as well as mind!


  • Posted by alvin cabania on 26/09/2015 at 15:58

    Hi.mahilig po ako sa combat sports .paano sumali.tnx

  • Posted by alvin cabania on 26/09/2015 at 15:58

    Hi.mahilig po ako sa combat sports .paano sumali.tnx


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