• Ground Game #2- Wrestling: Single Leg Takedown…

    A takedown is a martial arts and combat sports term for a technique that involves off-balancing an opponent and bringing him or her to the ground, typically with the combatant performing the takedown landing on top.


    Takedowns are commonly used in MMA....

    Takedowns are commonly used in MMA….

    The process of quickly advancing on an opponent and attempting a takedown is known as shooting for a takedown, or simply shooting.


    A takedown requires a good set up... Many use Striking to set it up...

    A Takedown requires a good set up… Many use Striking to set it up…

    Takedowns are usually distinguished from throws by the forward motion and target of advancement (typically the legs), the terms are used interchangeably for techniques. Takedowns are featured in all forms of wrestling and stand-up grappling.


    One can neutralize a bigger man using Takedowns....

    One can neutralize a bigger opponent using Takedowns….

    The single leg takedown is one of the simpler wrestling moves that has many variations. Typically you want to drop levels to shoot in after your opponents lead leg. Once you have the lead leg you want to pull it towards your chest and hug it tightly. The next step is key, you want to ‘cut the corner’ or turn at an angle to put your opponent off balance and slam him to the ground, hopefully getting side control or half guard.


    Single leg Takedown...

    Single leg Takedown…

    Here are some different variations of a single leg takedown – hopefully in the future I’ll be able to have a personal video for the technique above recorded in Delhi, Gurgaon or Mumbai.


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