• Fitness Tripod Stand- Stand # 2 Diet

    We have touched in our earlier blogs about MMA (boxing, kick boxing, muay thai, jiu jitsu) diet and have also shown you sample diets which could help you to get the physique you desire. But somehow that is not enough.

    Based on several researches what food we eat is often a representation of who we are as people and what we wish to become.

    Often people in a state of depression use foods as an escape route while other starve themselves when things are not going their way. What we eat not only determines what we look like but also how we feel in life. Unlike sleep which sometimes is beyond ones control, diet is clearly in our hands.

    However like anything in life, there are no short cuts. For e.g. take a person who has unconsciously gone through years and years of abuse with incorrect eating habits. Of course recognizing the issue at hand is pivot but also important is not taking drastic steps. Remember the age old adage, ‘slow and steady wins the race’, that is precisely the way to succeed.

    What we recommend for e.g. is to take an example of a person who lives off junk food. It would be easier for the person to target say ‘fizzy’ drinks in the first month. Replace them with home-made ‘Shikanji’ (lemonade) or even fresh juice and after a month the habit of ‘fizzy’ drinks would already be a thing of the past.

    Importance of eating and training right

    Then perhaps one could target the oil consumption in their meals and a good starting point would be substituting normal domestic cooking oil with Olive or Gran oil.

    Some questions you must ask yourself:

    1) Portion sizes. Do you stop eating when you’re full or when you’re content? Bring awareness to this at your next three meals.

    (2) Food selection. How often do you eat meals where you know every ingredient used to make the meal? Might there be a way for you to make time to increase these types of meals?

    (3) What “splurge” foods do you find yourself craving or having in the house? Can you replace your sweet-tooth craving for a bowl of ice cream with a bowl of frozen yogurt topped with blueberries?

    (4) Recognizing habits. Do you instinctively put cream and sugar in your coffee? Might you be able to cultivate an enjoyment for the taste of pure black coffee? Begin at one day per week and go from there.

    (5) Do you find yourself mindlessly munching on crunchy potato chips while watching television? Could the same fulfillment of salty crunch be had with a healthier alternative like salted almonds?

    To be a success in the world of combat sports like mixed martial arts (MMA), boxing, kick boxing, jiu jitsu especially in Indian cities like Delhi, Mumbai and Gurgaon one will need to eat fresh, eat clean and eat right.

    So the next time you are watching India Vs Pakistan on the TV, be aware of all the fizzy drinks and the potato chips. 🙂


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