• Boxing and Muay Thai Fights- Crosstrain Fight Night 4

    Boxing and Muay Thai Fights- Crosstrain Fight Night 4

    The main event for CFC Fight Night 4 was a rematch of the CFC Fight Night 3 where Asgar had taken a close split decision win over SK. The first round was like nothing from the first fight. Asgar charged in with jab to head and jab cross to the body while SK waited and moved back to counter each time.

  • Jiu Jitsu Fights- Crosstrain Fight Night 4

    Jiu Jitsu Fights- Crosstrain Fight Night 4

    What a crazy fight this was. The fight started and Nikhil exploded with a single leg takedown. Tarun was under pressure from the get go with Nikhil maintaining the top positon with several unsuccessful attempts to mount. Tarun was extremely good at ensuring he kept Nikhil’s explosive style in check. There were several scrambles and one led to Tarun getting the top position however he was unable to keep top position. In another scramble when both fighters separated and stood back up, Tarun was distracted trying to fix his fight gear which gave Nikhil the opportunity to attack a standing Kimura, Tarun tried to roll out of it by hitting the ground however Nikhil was diligent and he didn’t stop until he got the tap.

  • UFC coming to India in 2013!!!!

    The UFC earlier this week made official its latest breach of a new country when it was announced “The Ultimate Fighter: India” will commence in 2013. There’s a TV deal in place with SONY SIX in India to produce and air episodes, and UFC CEO Lorenzo Fertitta is freshly back from a trip to the