• Boxing and Muay Thai Fights- Crosstrain Fight Night 4

    Boxing and Muay Thai Fights- Crosstrain Fight Night 4

    Crosstrain Fight Night 4

    Muay Thai and Boxing Fights

    Jobin Vs Tara

    Jobin returned to Crosstrain Fight Club after his lacklustre performance in Crosstrain Fight Night 3 where he was stopped in the first round by Imtiaz. He was taking on Tara who has improved considerably from when he first started training at Crosstrain Fight Club. The fight started with both men swinging for the fences. Jobin landed a brilliant cross while Tara retaliated with a knee to the body. One could see the slug fest taking its toll on both men. By the end of the first round it was anyone’s fight.

    Second round had more of the same except for Jobin who landed a good strike which made Tara’s nose bleed making it difficult for him to breathe. Second round went to Jobin.

    The Final round had Tara fading due to him pushing too hard in the first two rounds and also his inability to breathe due to the nose. Jobin on the other hand stayed consistent and took home the decision after a well fought fight.

    Unaimous Decision- Jobin

    Parveen Vs Akash (Boxing Only)

    The 2nd fight of the night saw Akash one of the most technically sound young breed of fighters from Crosstrain take on Parveen a fighter who has an undeniably incredible stamina. The fight was going to be a battle of technique and conditioning. As it turned out, conditionally wasn’t required. Both fighters took the middle of the Crosstrain Fight Club Safdarjung enclave centre and started to duck and weave the way no one has done before. What could have been the most technical fight of the night, turned into a brutal knockout.  In one of the exchanges Akash’s jab was countered by an overhand right which connected flush giving us the first Knock out of the night. It goes to show that anything can happen in a fight.

    KO win- Parveen 1st round

    Rohan Vs Rajeev

    Rajeev’s second fight of the night against Rohan, who has unfortunately not been able to train as much due to his exams. Nevertheless he turned up with a fighters heart to display a solid fight. While Rajeev controlled much of the centre, Rohan could never be counted out as he kept landing low kicks and teeps (push kick) in the first round. Close first round. Probably went to Rohan.

    Second round and then third saw Rohan tiring and Rajeev attacking the left side of Rohan’s body with some brutal body kicks. The Fight was eventually awarded to Rajeev for being the stronger fighter and controlling the fight.

    Unanimous Decision- Rajeev

    Main Event- Mhd ‘Pitbull’ Asgar Vs Shashikant ‘Fireball Kid’

    The main event for CFC Fight Night 4 was a rematch of the CFC Fight Night 3 where Asgar had taken a close split decision win over SK. The first round was like nothing from the first fight. Asgar charged in with jab to head and jab cross to the body while SK waited and moved back to counter each time. SK was extremely good at checking low kicks, the only fighter to do so consistently. Asgar was in pain a couple of times when his low kicks where checked (blocked) by SK. First round too close to call the second round saw SK take the fight to Asgar. It was apparent that Asgar had hurt his foot in the first round. One criticism could be that SK waited to counter each time when perhaps he should have capitalised.

    Second round probably went to SK, especially thanks to the cartwheel kick that landed on Asgar. Last round saw Asgar becoming the ‘Pitbull’ that he is. There was no sign on leg pain, there was no sign of getting tired, he pushed the pace and was able to impress the judges despite SK cutting him over the left eye which almost stopped the fight.

    The final round as well as the fight via  judges decision went to Asgar.

    Unanimous Decision- Mhd Asgar

    Muay Thai Fighters at Crosstrain Fight Night 4

    Muay Thai Fighters at Crosstrain Fight Night 4

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