• An advanced circuit for MMA (Sep 2012)

    Mixed martial arts (MMA) is a combat sport that mixes techniques from different martial arts, including wrestling, boxing, kickboxing and Brazilian jujitsu. While in Delhi (including Gurgaon, Noida NCR) its yet to be born, in Mumbai its at an early nascent state.

    MMA is recognised by both the general population and professional athletes as a superb way to stay in shape, learn to defend yourself, and enhance the body’s natural power, flexibility, cardiovascular endurance, reflexes and core strength.


    Core Training MMA

    Core Training MMA

    In addition, you’ll never find a greater sense of community than you will in your local dojo. Just check your ego at the door!

    MMA training is about teamwork and fun...

    MMA training is about teamwork and fun…

    Every fighter and coach will have a different philosophy on what training approach works for them. One of the most accessible methods of general strength and conditioning, and a staple in most playbooks is circuit training.


    The circuit

    The entire circuit is five minutes long. Complete three to five rounds of the full five-minute circuit with a one-minute break in between. This mimics the duration of a traditional MMA fight.

    60 seconds – Heavy (10-20kg) medicine ball/sandbag pickup, slam and sprawl

    30 seconds – Split jumps
    30 seconds – MB Pushup
    30 seconds – Burpees
    30 seconds – Split jumps
    30 seconds – MB Pushup
    30 seconds – Burpees
    60 seconds – Hold top chin-up position and bring knees to elbows

    MB Push Up



    Why it works

    The first big compound movement aims to develop the capacity to “explode” at any time for shooting, slamming, striking. The second lot of movements are power and speed-related and can be sports specific, and the last hold is designed to challenge muscular endurance, core and grip for defence, position holds and opponent control.

    You can choose to repeat the same circuit three to five times, or substitute in some of your other favourite exercises or drills for different rounds depending on preference, ability, space and equipment available. And if this isn’t hard enough, try doing it with your mouth guard in!

    Its a hard workout... But the end result will be excellence....

    Its a hard workout… But hardwork is needed to be a champion…

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