• How will Boxing, Kick Boxing and MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) training help me?

    How we train determines to a large extend the way we look. Ever wondered why a record breaking marathon runner from Ethiopia looks so different from the 100m sprinter from the United States… We have the answer.

    The answer is because of two reasons: training and nutrition. We discuss training in this article.

    The two elite athletes despite training very hard, look and run very differently from each other.

    1. The rationale behind this, a marathon is required to build muscular stamina, which means his body has to be in a condition where he does not tire while maintaining a good deliberate pace i.e. he specialises in, mainly, aerobic training. Simply put a marathon runner trains his body to be like a Duracell battery that “keeps going on and on..” He has lean muscle mass which helps him not drain the oxygen which he is utilizing whilst he is running. MMA training Gurgaon
    2. A sprinter on the other hand needs to build explosive muscular strength that will enable him to speed up and reach the maximum potential in a matter of seconds i.e. he specialises in anaerobic training. Simply put a sprinter trains his body to be an explosive device with a lot of strength and lot of explosiveness.
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    3. Heavy muscles require more oxygen than lean muscles. So what would happen if the sprinter did the marathon and the marathon runner, the sprint? Had a heavily muscled sprinter taken part in a marathon, his muscles would have used up a large part of the oxygen leaving very little oxygen to be used as a source of energy, leaving him gasping for air. If the marathon runner had to take part in a 100m sprint then he would struggle too as he wont have the explosiveness and the muscular strength to give him the speed that he needs to succeed.

    So what’s the best workout for you, an aerobic workout like the marathon runner or the anaerobic workout like the sprinter? The answer lies somewhere in between.

    While doing weights (approx 40 min) and a 20 min jog might seem like a decent workout, using MMA (Boxing, Kick Boxing etc) training is a far superior tool to take ones training to the next level. Very few workout are able to enhance muscular stamina whilst impriving muscular strength at the same time.  MMA training, or for that matter, Boxing, Kick Boxing, Muay Thai do just that.

    Furthermore they are shorter and are more explosive giving you better results in shorter durations. This would explain why top flight boxers look the way they do. They are neither too lean, nor too bulky. They have found the right mix of aerobic and anaerobic, amongst others, the strongest muscle in the body, the heart!!!

    A little birdie tells us that Boxing, Kick Boxing (Muay Thai), Jiu Jitsu and MMA training is coming, all under one roof, to the Delhi, Mumbai and Gurgaon region in 2011….

    Watch this space..

  • Posted by sachin on 07/04/2011 at 16:12

    how can i find out the training center in delhi. any contact no.

  • Posted by admin on 27/05/2011 at 20:49

    Hi Sachin. Unfortunately there are not too many good training centres in Delhi that specialise in MMA. But we hear a couple of nice gyms are opening up in the second half of this year.. Please watch this pace… We will let you know.


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