• Welcome to Crosstrain Fight club. The only legit MMA training fight club in North India (affiliated to World Muay Boran Federation and Indian Muay Thai and Muay Boran Association)


  • Crosstrain Fight Club is the brain child of Siddharth Singh, MSc International Strategy and Economics from University of St Andrews (UK), and alumni of the Doon School. Having boxed at the state level and having trained in Muay Thai and BJJ for several years, our founder created the first MMA club in North India leaving his International brand manager role with Pentland Brands Plc in London, where he worked for 5 years.
Siddharth Singh, Founder Crosstrain Fight Club

Siddharth Singh, Founder Crosstrain Fight Club

  • All our trainers are hand-picked from all over India to provide the best fight training in Delhi and North India. Amongst our trainers we have national level boxers, Internationally trained Thai fighters, UK trained BJJ guys, Olympics weight lifting association certified trainers, pro MMA fight champions and national level wrestlers.
    Siddharth Singh- Purple Belt Jiu Jitsu

    Siddharth Singh- Purple Belt Jiu Jitsu

  • Apart from our regular trainers we will also bring in fighters from various promotions (national as well as International) to challenge our programmes as well as to work with you to help you improve even more.


  •  One doesn’t need to be a fighter to train like one and we at Crosstrain understand that. Keeping this in mind you will have access to kettle bells, competition sized boxing rings, Kick boxing bags, wrestling dummies, wall mounts etc.


  •  Crosstrain as an entity is based on the tripod stand of authenticity, enjoyability and safety and therefore you can be rest assured that your health and safety will be our highest priority. Based on your level of fitness and experience you will work have access to beginners, intermediate or advance sessions.


  • Sessions will be an hour long which would include warm up and cool down. A lot of focus will be on improving your technique and your conditioning. Sparring will only be optional and will only be carried out during the advanced sessions and not during any other sessions.
    The Undefeated Crosstrain team at Delhi State MMA...

    The Undefeated Crosstrain team at Delhi State MMA…


  •  If you are looking to improve your cardiovascular endurance, lose weight, put on lean muscle mass, learn MMA (Boxing, Muay Thai or BJJ) or if you wish to fight competitively in the fastest growing sport in the world, then Crosstrain is the right fit for you.


  • Email us on info@crosstrain.in or call us on 9891514589

Members training at Crosstrain Fight Club