• 10 simple steps to improve your diet (Carbs special)

    Are you one who is in the gym 4 to 5 times a week and still not able to get into the shape that you wanted or are you one who is unable to hit the gym as regularly as you would like and therefore wish to watch what you are eating to stay lean? If one looks at the majority of the boxers, kick boxers (Muay Thai), BJJ experts, wrestlers and mixed martial artists they have one thing in common- they all are in excellent physique to go with their superb conditioning and stamina. What they do different from most of the regular athletes is the diet.

    Carb intake plays an imporatnt role in the cultping of a Physique

    Carb intake plays an imporatnt role in the cultping of a Physique

    Also we at Crosstrain constantly get bombarded with questions about diet. People want to know the quickest and the easiest way to lose fat and gain lean muscle. Appreciating the fact that everyone has different likes, different dislikes so we used the best practice used by Boxing, Kick boxing (Muay Thai), Jiu Jitsu, wrestling and mixed martial arts (MMA)  champions to narrow all the jargon into 10 simple points focussing on carbs intake.

      1. Eat multiple meals every day. Try to eat every two hours. At least 6 meals a day.
      2. Eat your carbohydrates closer to your workout and choose oatmeal as your post-workout slow acting carbohydrate.
        Choose oatmeal instead of an oily breakfast

        Choose oatmeal instead of an oily breakfast

      3. Eat your carbohydrates as raw as possible, this allows for the trace minerals and other nutrients that are naturally found in many carbohydrate rich foods to provide for maximum absorption.
      4. Avoid processed carbohydrates, such as foods that come in bags.
      5. Take most of your carbs in immediately following a workout or a match. This allows for your muscles to recover faster.
      6. Avoid drinking your carbs (beer, sugar soda), and if you do drink them, make it a good quality post-workout drink.
      7. Taking multivitamins/minerals will allow for proper absorption and usage of carbohydrates and proteins. These products should be taken with your meal.
      8. Stop eating two to three hours prior to bed. This will force you body to use fat as a fuel when you sleep.
      9. Get sleep in 4.5, 6, 7.5, 9 hour sets. It is helpful to sleep between 6-9 hours per night.
      10. Avoid stress and avoid internal turmoil. Stress raises cortisol levels and that keeps you from losing fat.
        The most important  aspect of modern life- Be at Peace with yourself

        The most important aspect of modern life- Be at Peace with yourself

    We at crosstrain believe in doing the simple things right and we also preach you to be consistent rather than dramatic and drastic. If you follow a nice healthy diet on a regular basis, you would not need to go on serious diet or try complex supplements to assist you.

    If you have any questions on health or diet, please let us know.

  • Posted by karan on 14/05/2015 at 11:58

    i workout 2 hours per day but I’m confused about my diet I’m 50 kg 5.6 in what type of food I have to eat as a mma fighter to be muscular


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